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scott, a university of maryland, university college grad. part-time ups employee. lifelong resident of largo. now charged by a prince georges grand jury in the double murder of 42-year-old delores dewitt and her daughter, ebony. >> we will be seeking life without parole. >> police say he is the suspect in the double murder of another mother and daughter, karen and karissa loften. they lived within a two mile radius of scott's home. police suspect him in the 2008 murder of marketing executive, who is described scott as a serial killer, says he is forming a task force to look at cases more than a decade old. >> by no means, i think this investigation is over with. >> i'm lindsey mastas. there are no power lines in this neighborhood, but there is also no power. >> i moved to this area, underground, it will be better. >> neighbors are baffled. >> you won't see it. >> michael maxwell is pepco's management. >> portions you may not see the wires where the damage is. everyone though our wiring is under ground, the whole neighborhood isn't and our under ground wires have to come up i
. in maryland, the weather is already responsible for that as many heat-related deaths as all of last year. so far, six people have died in maryland in some relationship to the heat. virginia and credit card, they already surpassed last year's total as well. three people in virginia and one in the districts, they have to come to heat-related illness. >>> another fire this morning in northwest dc. they have left 18 people homeless. and it was first reported around 5:00 this morning at 10 rhode island avenue. after neighbors spotted flames on the roof. the fire spread to two adjacent homes. 100 firefighters worked to get it all under control. investigators are now trying to figure out the cause. >> right now, fire investigators believe that the fire was accidental. and the residence, they did have a gathering last night to have a fairly large rooftop deck. and that is at number ten. of course this 4th of july. there are a number of sources of platform admissions. and at this point, nothing has been ruled out. >> no one was hurt in the fire. dc authorities, they said that the damage to the units
grid is why supporters say we need a new high transmission power line from west virginia to maryland. and some new studies filed with the west virginia public service commission support the 275 mill line between amos and kemptown. the authors plan to file the same studies with regulators in maryland and virginia. opponents generally object to continuing to promote the use of coal for electricity or they don't like seeing the line in their backyards. >>> buying a home? good timing. mortgage rates from fallen to the lowest level in some 50 year and this year the average rate on a 30 year fixes is 4.57%. >>> the state of maryland is launching a program aimed at helping people buy new homes. state administrators say the program will provide $100 million in mortgage loans and will be focused on areas that expect to see significant growth due to the military base realignments that about to take place. >> it's good news for the first- time homeowners and good news for families relocating to maryland as a result of the base realignment and closure program. >>> more good news. under this prog
be diminished. i'm lindsey mastis in waldorf, maryland. a 13-year-old boy nearly drown in this pool. dwayne is known as the jokester of the family but when he talked about what happened on july 4th he gets very serious. >> i remember me under water trying to come back up. >> dwayne's family said he was on the kind of the pool and he must have swallowed a lot of water and passed out. no one knows how long he was underwater. family members pulled him out of the pool. melvin and antonio are trained medics. >> they rushed him to the hospital after cpr for seven minutes. >> it is a miracle. >> he is speaking out hoping his story helps other families. >> be careful and don't let the little ones get around the deep end. >> reporter: very good advice. one man is dead and another is in the hospital after a shooting in southeast early this morning. dc police found the first victim, 19-year-old stanley dawson in the 3500 block of 19th street. dawson was taken to the hospital but he died from his injuries. officers found a sec shooting victim on the 3400 block of stanton road. the person was take on th
maryland, virginia and west virginia. supporters say the high line will ease the strain on the power grid. the pub public meeting is monday in harpers ferry and tuesday in purcellville and thursday in frederick. you can get more information on the meeting at just click on the living green. >>> let's get to the traffic now. patranya is in the traffic center. >> it's after 7:00 on a thursday. and things looking good from the 395, past the 14th street bridge, duke to the mixing bowl, no problems on the main line and the h.o.v. lanes. moving on to 495, inner loop traffic easing but we're still seeing painfully slow delays from 270 spur to the toll road. i'm giving drivers 20 minutes to get through the stretch. no accidents through virginia and maryland at this point. and finally, for those leaving town on 50 eastbound, let's fly over there. and everyone is on the green path 495 through bowie and folks are heading out of town early for the three-day weekend, no problems heading out east. >>> a spokesperson for arlington national cemetery said several graves had to be repaired over t
to sell guns to felons and dangerously mentally ill. >>> and the maryland girl injured in the bomb in uganda had surgery today. her grandmother is due to have surgery for a broken arm. they were traveling with a church group when bombers attacked in uganda on sunday. >> the obama administration said 41 million americans will benefit from a new health care rule. first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden unveiled the proposal here in d.c. today. it means no co-pays, deductible or co-insurance for preventative health care like counseling or cancer screening for parents. >>> and topper is here with the forecast. a little gloomy but we did get summer later on. >> we did finish strong. it is rather humid out here if you're going to head out and walk the dog. temperatures in the 80s. here is your forecast first. for tonight, still a slight chance of an early shower or thunderstorm and partly cloudy and warm. low temperature 68-74 and wins out of the northwest at about 10. satellite picture, radar combined will show most showers well to the north and east of us. but just a couple of sh
three kids were hurt on that ride. maryland officials say a mechanical problem caused the fire last night at the tidal wave roller coaster and there were several injure areries with three most serious going to the hospital. none were considered life- threatening. >> it is the most thrilling ride here. i love it but i don't think i want to go on it again. it is a little scary. >> an employee says a cable snapped just after the ride started. the double loop boomerang roller coaster will be closed until it is checked by a state safety inspector. >>> a commuter alert for drivers who use 495, you may awant to avoid the beltway. the inner loop will be reduced to one lane. crews are making emergency repairs. that means the ramp to and from telegraph will be shut down. the closures will begin at 9:00 tonight and last no longer than 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> let's talk about the night's rush hour with patranya bhoolsuwan in the traffic center. >> drivers right now blasting their ac at full speed but the travel speed not so much. still slow from silver spring to college park. >> no inci
. >> crews are also working away in white oak, maryland. they are trying to restore power to a 69,000 volt line and when that's done, it will mean the power is back on for thousands of homes. we have more coverage at just click on extras for the links to local outage maps and a slide show of a lot of the damage across our region. >>> you can probably see that the humidity is back. devon is out on the terrace sweating it out with your forecast first. >> the heat and humidity back in full force today. it was 52 for a high. it was going 93, close to that and we are very warm tonight. temperatures, a will the of us, lower 90s and mid 90s out there. let's go to our thursday morning forecast. there might be a shower here or there, but it's very warm and humid. temperatures, it's all about the daytime hours thursday. possibly strong to even severe thunderstorms are going to be moving through. it's the big question of exactly when they will come through. count the timing down well in our forecast. we'll have that complete outlook coming up in a few minutes. >> an update to a story we
to 2700 people including one man from potomac, maryland. >> people on the left and right of us all have power. >> reporter: marty drake traveled to pepco headquarters in downtown dc to get answers. the power is still out at his potomac, maryland home. >> we have a cancer patient who is on insulin. >> reporter: pepco says it will be midnight until power is restored to those who lost electricity from sunday's storm. >> in this gentleman's case, we had a crew on site. and they were doing work and when that work was finished, they assumed that everything was fine on that particular circuit. so they left. >> reporter: president tom graham admits there have been hurdles and setbacks but argues against the claim that the company was slow to respond. i'm peggy fox in falls church. >>> the young sniper associated with killing ten people in the washington region now says he had accomplices and there were twice as many shootings. 25 lee boyd malvo makes the allegations on the phone from prison to william shatner for a cable tv show. >> there was supposed to be three to four snipers with silence ri
of quakes centered near columbia, maryland in 1993, reaching a magnitude of 2.7. preparing for a earthquake is a matter of stocking up on emergency supplies maybe a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and canned goods and water. folks at dc homeland security and emergency management agency say they have been fielding calls all day from folks concerned and looking for advice on how to prepare and what to do in case there is another earthquake. >> don't than the doorway because the door could swing. the hinges could give. the door could swing on to hands and fingers and cause problems. so a safer bet is to be in a room without windows or doors, like a bathroom to make sure you are ducking and taking cover. >> experts suggest securing heavy furniture to the wall and always place the heaviest items close toast the floor. the quake is the hot topic at wusa 9's facebook page today. one post -- at of course, we have our comments about what happened and we have some surveillance video of exactly what things were looking like around town when the quake hit. that's all at >>> meant
to centreville and 95, easing nicely in virginia and maryland. no accidents to report here. back to you. >>> we want to remind you about an important campaign here at wusa 9. we call it the great hang up. it is an effort to get everybody to stop using cell phones while they are driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on the phone or perhaps texting, we'd love to share your story on the air. tell us about it by going to the great hangup page at or just go old fashioned an give us a phone call at 202-895-5960. >>> and the grace period is just about up in arlington. tomorrow no more warnings if you run one of those four red light cameras in the county. they have been active a month now. if you are caught by one of the cameras it will be a $50 fine for you. >>> don't think if you don't see a parking meter you don't have to pay to park in dc. as alex trevino reports several pilot programs launching this week are using cutting-edge technology that could mean meters are on the way out. >> it is making it easier and giving you more choices than just coins. >> reporte
's storm. they have fewer than 100. and to southern maryland's electric cooperative and the operation powers are not reporting any outages in our area this evening. >>> a reminder for all of us tonight, after the power outage, this home was destroyed by fire after a surge of power yesterday afternoon. firefighters say that flames broke out in the kitchen about 10 minutes after the electricity came back on. and it is unclear if the electric stove was left on. but the firefighters are warning everybody to shut off all appliances or circuit breakers when the power is out. >> number one, it's going to protect that appliance in case there is a power surge when they do come back on. and also, they will prevent an accidental fire from occurring. >> reporter: this has helped a lot of memories from little kids to the natural area. now that you feel like this. you're like wow. >> reporter: and now, no one was home when that fire started. the county is helping the family find some place to stay. three firefighters are recovering tonight from minor injuries. and they got from fighting the blaze.
released their findings, just as maryland considers whether or not the more than double oystering sanctuaries, to about 9,000 acres of the bay bottom or 25% of what is left of the habitat here. and this is a comment period here on the idea of expanding the oyster sanctuaries are underway right now in maryland's department of the natural resources that is due to make these decisions by september 6. on the rivers, scott broom, 9news now. >>> and oysters are not just for eating and big numbers. they could actually make the waters cleaner by filtering out that algae that makes the bay so murky. >>> well, the environmental activists, arrested for their partners, the protests will not have to go to jail. a dc superior court sentenced them to one year probation and 40 hours of community service. last september, he and three other activists illegally hung two banners on the 7th floor of the heart building. he is also the policy director of the chesapeake lie mat action network. >>> well topper, it's just crazy heat out there today. >> yeah. >> i couldn't believe that it is still 99 deg
now is brought to you by geico. >>> officially filing today for a rematch run for maryland governor. it is shaping up as another tight race. republican is still answering reporters questions about a federal lawsuit against the company owned by his new running mate's husband. bruce leshan asks about that and much more in his interview today. >> do you know who you are hanging out with. >> reporter: the two are fired up by new polls in a national mood suggesting that time is running against the democrats. >> going to win four subdivisions and we will win the rest of them. the issue is what the numbers are. >> reporter: but if he hopes to win he will have to cut the huge margins the incumbent governor martin o'malley ran up. she has lost two elections in the county. >> what makes you think that this election would be different for you than the last two times you ran in montgomery county? >> i'm running with bob. >> reporter: she still hesitates on questions about a federal lawsuit alleging double billing, inflated prices and short changed wages at her husband's company. >> but you were
chase, maryland, where neighbors are taking a close look at the health of their trees after high winds knocked down a tree on east west highway. crews clear out and haul away chunks of a tree in chevy chase. heavy rain and high winds split the massive tree in two this morning and toppled power lines, knocked down the traffic sign and crashed on to this van. fortunately, the driver was okay, but kelly murray and her seven-year-old daughter, sloan, weren't as lucky. they died last summer when a tree fell on their car just a mile down the road from this morning's incident. >> these trees do cause a danger. >> the healthy tree is more likely to fall than a sick one. >> because a healthy tree is full of a lot of heavy, healthy foliage and when you get a combination of high winds, saturated soil, where the roots can't hold anymore, the healthy trees is like the wind hitting a sail in a sailboat. >> even though we are getting plenty of storms and showers this week, cannot undue the damage done by this very dry summer so far. in arlington, at least a dozen public trees have died. two truck
time you shop with your giant card. >>> those running for office in maryland will have to play by the new rules, that's if they like to use facebook and twitter. lawmakers in annapolis require candidates clearly identify their campaign on the media site. the board of election said the new rules will protect the public from misinformation and the candidates from internet pranksters. the rules take effect in two weeks. >>> a bill to restore unemployment benefits for millions who have been out of work has cleared a hurdle in the u.s. senate. the vote came moments after cart goodwin, a successor to robert byrd was sworn in. goodwin was the crucial 60th senator needed to stop a republican filibuster that has led to a lapse in benefits for 2.5 million people. >>> and pat -- patranya has the traffic. >> no accidents reported right now and these delays should ease nightly with standing any future crashes. moving on to d.c., from gw parkway, via the key bridge, traffic moving well and good news at third street and massachusetts, the power signal not working correctly there are now back
in a burned out car. prosecutors say a brainy young man took a degree from the university of maryland university college. some of the time he worked as a package sorter at ups in landover hills where he may have had access to some customer information. court records paint another picture. he was caught in an alleged stolen gun-selling sting in 2009. authorities then brought a cascade of charges, including armed robbery, carjacking, burglary, false imprisonment and weapons violations. many of the cases have been dropped while prosecutors assembled a much more serious serial murder case in the mother-daughter murders. indictments are expected next week. >> and in one of the cases an entire family was rounded up and held in a room and one of the family members wrestled a gun away from the invaders and they fled. >>> and a local art director is surprised by a death. >>> and a local iron worker plummets to his death but it did not have to happen. >>> i'm bruce leshan in arlington where a 32-year-old man, a brand new father, fell to his death. he was working on the 7th floor balcony where t
. appalachian reporting fewer than 500 folks out and in maryland, bge is working on 13,000 outages, most in anne arundel county. and smeco is reporting no outages but by far the largest number is for pepco. 19,481 outages and the majority in montgomery county. >>> the storm delivered a devastating blow to one family in sterling. they were walking home an path through the woods from claude moore recreation center when the sky turned dark and the winds gusted up to 70 miles an hour. that knocked down several trees and one of them slid off and came crashing down on top of the family's youngest son, 6- year-old eric. his father carried him back to the center where they performed cpr but he was too badly hurt to be saved. >> it was a difficult situation to avoid. it was a fast moving storm and came in quickly with heavy winds and it was here and then gone. so unless you were aware that it was imminent it would be difficult to avoid but you know in those situations you try to get people to move to a shelter if they can or move to a safe place. >> reporter: in loudoun, officials say 80 trees came down,
to triangle. now much better picture for you on 270 in maryland. everyone back up to speed here from gaithersburg to germantown on the capital beltway between beth he had dah and college park. back to you. >>> topper is here with our 9 forecast. and today was hot but then i'm looking forward and back and this might be sort of a cold wave. >> seriously. and right now, derek. >> it is pleasant. it is hot but the humidity is low. it's probably the nicest evening we've had in the last four or five. here is the forecast first for tonight. partly cloudy and radar is quiet. more comfortable because of the lower humidity levels. lows in the 70s. winds out of the southwest at 5- 10. right now it's still 94 at national. 88 in gaithersburg. 90 in frederick. we'll come back and talk about watches and advisories posted for the heat coming up. >>> for the fourth time in five weeks, mortgage rates hit another new low today. freddie mac said the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan is 4.56% this week and that's the lowest level since the agency started tracking rates back in 1971. >>> well still to
's county. most of the heavy activity is up 95 into northeastern maryland and toward philadelphia. but watching this activity down towards charlottesville, this will work its way up 95 and could get in here later tonight. that's why we'll keep it in the forecast. back to the computer. wool talk about satellite picture, radar combined, look at the storms that went through. most of which are east or north of us but this are a couple of more disturbances that have to move through so we're not out of the woods just yet. here is our 9 future cast, by tonight most showers pushed into baltimore county and more showers by early in the morning so that's the good news. if you didn't get the showers with this last round, you have a chance tonight and you have a chance again tomorrow as we go through the day. we'll have some sun tomorrow but still showers and storms are possible. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy. showers or thunderstorms. 70s and 80s. and by afternoon some sun returns. partly sunny and warm, with showers and maybe a thunderstorm. high temperatures around 85. we'll take that. mi
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